How Can You Motivate Yourself for Consistent Exercise?

How Can You Motivate Yourself for Consistent Exercise?

To become consistent in health behaviors, motivation is one of the hardest things to achieve. In the initial phase, because of excitement, we choose a more resistant path. We think that by doing this we can gain faster and better results. This is something we prefer to accomplish specifically when it comes to our exercise routine. Many people believe that exercise is not effective. This is enough to stop them before they start doing exercise. Despite this, we don’t see anyone who regrets adopting an exercise routine or doing a brisk walk. 

You just need a simple technique to avoid a shift in mood at Gym in Greenwich London. That will also enhance your energy level for the next workout. It is necessary to use it in a row for the next few sessions. It is effective in teaching your mind that you will get an immediate reward after doing the workout. Do you interested in knowing which technique is so effective in doing this for you?

Technique To Motivate You for Workout:

  • Make use of the “voice memos app” by downloading it on your smartphone. 
  • Record your voice immediately before the workout. Record a short statement about what is your physical, emotional, and mental current state. 
  • After the completion of the daily workout routine, record your voice again. 
  • In the last step, playback both recordings one after the other. This will let you determine the difference that workout has made. 

The difference in energy, tone, and enthusiasm will let you understand the importance of workout in your life. 

If you avoid using mobile or don’t have a smartphone for voice recording. Write down your feelings before and after exercise at Gym in Greenwich London on a sticky note. Even though you can’t notice the difference in tone. But still, it is the most effective one. This works even if you use the same word to describe the feelings of both occasions. 

Don’t forget to take notes, even if they produce a small impact. Most people do exercise because they have to do so. The feeling of obligation takes out the element of enjoyment from the workout. People find it tough to stick to their fitness routines as a result of this. The technique of taking notes removes the aspect of obligation from a workout.

Why This Method Works?

The noticeable shift in a mood because of written or voice notes acts as a motivator. Your mind starts chasing the daily rewards of workouts after listening to voice notes for a few days. It means that you have taught your brain a method of enhancing your mood. Moreover, it derives a powerful positive impact from a single workout effort. 

The action which leaves positive feelings generates hope, due to which possibilities expand. It makes exercise from a motivational challenge to a transforming opportunity for you. This transition works for any form of physical activity like a walk in a park to a workout at the gym. Incidental physical activity is not as intense as the workout itself is. Because it doesn’t as such physically challenge you. But provides you with an opportunity to set a schedule of physical activity including exercise. This is a more positive approach to using the notes taking or voice note strategy.

Always Choose the Desired Intensity Level

If you have started doing exercise or dislike it and doing it unwillingly. You don’t have to be concerned about how intensely you’re doing it. According to a study, people who chose their intensity always remain in a better mood. Some people love high-intensity workouts at London Greenwich Gym. While some prefer moderate and low-intensity workouts. In the initial phase, it’s better to go for that intensity that you find most suitable. Because it will ensure your consistent participation in the workout. Furthermore, it will enhance your capacity to participate in workouts of different intensity levels. 

Believe, that you can do exercise of all intensity levels if you remain consistent. Your dedication to exercise will increase your self-confidence and self-belief. Furthermore, the desired fitness level brings more physical and mental benefits. 

Final lines

Exercise is the most important component of our lives, and it deserves to be. However, for everyone, developing it as a habit is the most difficult task. The strategy of taking voice notes or written notes at any good gym like Meridian Fitness can do this. The changes which you record are the best motivation you can get for exercise. The most important thing to remember is to not overwork yourself in the gym. Always choose the intensity level with which you are comfortable. By starting with a comfort zone, you would be able to deal with all kinds of intensities.