How to Boost Your Gym Motivation?

How to Boost Your Gym Motivation?

Many people don’t and have trouble feeling motivated and energized going to gym every day because it takes a lot out of a person to stay fit, buff and healthy. Whatever your aspiration is for going to gym you need stay motivated to be consistent in the Gym, basically you need a good “WHY” LIKE “why do I need to stay fit”, “Why am I going to gym” and “Why do I need to achieve what I need to achieve”.

To put in the effort, you need to put into the gym it is also to do with your self-motivation and how you feel. A PHYSICAL CULTURE AND SPORT JOURNAL STUDIES states that the word MOTIVATION means “hypothetical construct that is used to describe the internal and/ or external forces that lead to the initiation, direction, intensity, and persistence of behaviour”.

Gym motivation with a partner

Gym partner

A gym buddy can really be beneficial to anyone especially as a beginner at the gym, he or she will is like your SWOLEMATE who keeps you motivated, accountable and make sure that you do not go of track when it comes to your goals in the gym. Further having a dedicated gym partner can be very enjoyable at the gym because of the encouragement, time, effort and make you feel positive in your down times. Further your partner will give you good compliments about how you look and how you are progressing in the gym which will push you further and motivate you more.

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Good gym music

Gym music

To stay motivated believe it or not but you need good music either at the gym or one your personal device with ear phones because good music has the power to effectively improve your workout, boasts performance and make you feel less fatigue which leads to gym motivation ounce again. Further you can use the music in the gym to distract you from the pain and it wont feel as intensive as people working out without music at the gym.

Write down your plans and goals

Gym goals

Write down your goals for the week at gym this will help you stay focused, motivated at the gym by writing down your goals you know what you achievements aspirations are and lastly make your goals realistic.
“I will do 30 minutes of cardio for five days”.
“I will do legs on a Monday”.
“I will do bench press on Tuesday”.

Get rest

Get rest

Exercising everyday can take a toll on your body and it is also the same as not exercising, so you need a break and a breather. Further the main reason why people only go for few months to the gym and suddenly leave and become demotivated is because they push themselves too hard every day in a short period of time, your body needs a break and you need rest to continue in the long-term(Long term consistency).
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Few gym motivational quotes to keep you going

Gym motivational quotes

Here are some gym motivational quotes to boast you confidence and keep you motivated
“If you don’t find the time, if you don’t do the work, you don’t get the results.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Dead last finish is greater than did not finish, which trumps did not start.” — Unknown

“Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.” – Vincent Williams Sr.

“The real workout starts when you want to stop.” – Ronnie Coleman

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” — Jim Rohn

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

Take away

All of the points and highlighted in this article will help you in the long term to develop consistency at the gym and help you stay motivated int the long term. Don’t ever give up no matter how tough things get but grow stronger.

About the author:

Ashveer Ajoodha is 29 years old and he has been blogging for the last 3 years He likes to write about gym motivation. You can visit his blog here: fitnessbodybuildingvolt.com