Few Simple Essential “Things” for Training 

Few Simple Essential “Things” for Training 

What do you think – apart from the usual props, what are the two must-haves you should bring to training? The correct answer to this question is: paper and pencil. Namely, keeping a diary about your progress in the gym is a sure way to take adequate care of your body. In this text, we will show you the best ways to take care of where and how you plan to go.

Get organized

Workout Schedule

Part of a good training journal isn’t just about what you’re training. In other words, the diary, apart from your goals, should also contain your results, as well as comments on how to achieve the best possible goals. It is also very important to pay attention to your mental state, concentration and motivation. Put all your remarks, as well as the feelings you have during training, on paper.

In addition, your diary should also contain certain data about what and how much you took into your body during the day. The diary will guide you to look at nutritional recommendations and compare them to your specific eating behavior. Another thing you mustn’t forget – write down how much you slept on a given day. Because we know that muscles recover during sleep, and that proper recovery requires an average of 8 hours of sleep. Therefore, if you slept less or irregularly, do not be surprised if you do not achieve satisfactory results the next day.

Be persistent

Hard training

Of course, it is not a rare phenomenon that people give up keeping a diary after only a few days. They probably feel that it is not necessary to write down everything they did (or didn’t do) every day. But experts believe that it is necessary to keep a diary for at least three weeks and regularly enter every little thing and detail from everyday life. In this way, we gain insight into our habits. Register the omissions and mistakes we have made, and notice the effects of positive details. In other words, we gain insight into our own lifestyle, which we otherwise ignore. So, don’t give up after just a few days, don’t skip the days when you did something wrong. Try to learn something more not only about training, but also about yourself, through simple notes.

One more thing – save old training diaries – They will help you overcome the current crisis that has hit you, because they will infuse you with a dose of optimism and restore faith in yourself

Be aware and realistic


In the event that, without much effort, you have fulfilled everything you set out to do, do not hesitate to change your plan. Namely, if you have done a certain number of sets without any problems, try to increase that number. Of course, we recommend that you stick to your plan and diary. But don’t be a slave to all the recommendations. Adapt your training to your capabilities and don’t forget – the two necessary things you should bring to training are paper and a pen.