The Effects of Music on Exercise (Infographic)

The Effects of Music on Exercise (Infographic)

Check out this infographic to discover how music can boost your motivation and supercharge your workout.  

When it comes to getting a sweat on, as we already know, motivation is essential. For many people, a well-chosen tune at the right time can give them the drive they need to push themselves that little bit harder. If you have ever wondered why this is the case, then you should take a look at this infographic from My Fitness Boutique which explores this topic in depth.

The Science Behind Music as Motivation

Scientific research has found that music can have an empowering effect on the body. For example, listening to music while exercising has been shown to boost the heart rate while also lowering blood pressure. Studies have also revealed that music can help the body consume energy more efficiently.

As you can probably assume, these effects are not only beneficial for your workout, but also for your health as a whole.

But that’s not all! There is also the psychological factor, as listening to your favorite songs can alleviate feelings of stress and fatigue. Total musical immersion can also help you stay focused on the task at hand by blocking out distracting background noises.

Tips on Creating the Ultimate Workout Playlist

When putting together your workout playlist, try to choose songs that pair well with the activities you will be doing. Furthermore, go for songs with consistent time signatures and a steady rhythm that will match your rate of movement. Another good tip is to pick songs with motivational lyrics that complement the mental state you are striving for. Last but not least, make sure you love the music genre, because the whole point behind this is to make the workout more efficient through making it more enjoyable.

To learn more about the effects of music on exercise, read the infographic below.

Effects of music on exercise - infographic