Dilemma – Cardio – Before or After Weight Training

Dilemma – Cardio – Before or After Weight Training

This is an eternal question, to which each practitioner can give a different answer. And, interestingly, everyone will be a little bit right. However, let’s try to find the answer: should I train cardio before or after weight training?

Basic theories

There are different opinions when it comes to applying cardio training with regular weight training.

1. Train cardio after weights, so as not to ruin the muscle mass you have achieved

2. Cardio should be exercised before weights, because the body remembers best what it does last

3. Don’t do cardio before, because you will use up the glycogen reserves you need for heavy weights.

4. Train both types at the same time, because that is the best way to increase muscle mass.

Of course, the list of instructions continues. Each proposal has its own explanation. But, let’s look at what the experts say, as well as what the practitioners’ experiences are.

Cardio training before weight training

Some bodybuilders avoid this type of exercise. They believe that in this way they expend the strength needed to overcome great weights. However, if that is not your primary goal, you can definitely practice this combination.


Another important advantage of this type of exercise is a good warm-up of the body before you load it. Because, very often we skip warming up, even though we know how important it is.

So, to conclude. Different opinions show different benefits of each combination of exercises. Numerous expert surveys, as well as surveys conducted among practitioners, show the following – there are no obstacles to doing both types of exercises in parallel. All that matters is that you take the necessary break between them. Also, make a workout schedule that works best for you. This will certainly affect the achievements of both trainings.