Benefits of Pilates for Rejuvenating the Body and Relaxing the Mind

Benefits of Pilates for Rejuvenating the Body and Relaxing the Mind

Pilates has experienced a real expansion in the last ten years, especially among members of the fairer sex. This unique exercise system was designed in the first half of the 20th century by Joseph Pilates, a German of Greek origin. It is a medium-intensity recreational program that, along with breathing exercises, helps increase lung capacity. At the same time, it helps relieve stress, as well as shape and strengthen the body. So, let’s see what are the advantages of pilates in rejuvenating the body and relaxing the spirit.

What are the characteristics of pilates


The founder of this method called these exercises “controlology”. Of course, that term itself explains to us that with these exercises, using our mind, we control our muscles. In other words, our movements, which are coordinated with breathing, contribute to strengthening the abdominal and back muscles, as well as the pelvic muscles. Namely, it is a refined form of exercise, which emphasizes the internal muscles. Also, these exercises contribute to better self-control and greater self-confidence, thereby improving our psycho-physical health. By training pilates, we only balance our spirit with our physical state. So, with one exercise, we train the spirit as well as the body.

Requirements for practice

Probably everyone who wants to do these exercises knows that they can be carried out in their own “direction”. That is, we do not need special conditions or special props.

Pilates practice

It is enough to prepare mentally and provide a minimum space. You can practice pilates on the floor, on a suitable surface. It is most similar to yoga in terms of performance. You caneExercises with specially designed props, for example – a large or small ball, weights, rings, elastic bands, rollers. In addition, there are also special devices – reformers.

Beneficial effects of pilates

We have previously listed the basic characteristics of these exercises. But let’s take a look at who can do Pilates and in what situations its positive effects come to the fore. Pregnant women can also practice it without any fear, because that way they learn to breathe properly. In addition, these exercises strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and lower back, which leads to proper posture and more flexible musculature of this part of the body. Also, better mobility and flexibility in the hip area is good. So, these are all effects that contribute to the general improvement of the condition of our body for everyone, including pregnant women.

Pilates ball

Pilates is also an excellent choice for overweight people, because they can lose up to 5 kg in a month of exercise.

Please note that even age is not an obstacle for applying this method.

Therefore, there is a very wide range of people who can engage in this exercise system. In other words, everyone who wants to have spindly and elastic muscles and supple body pores can do Pilates.

On the other hand, these are not just physical exercises for shaping the body. These exercises also calm the nervous system and lower the cortisol level.


The application of this exercise system was initially only available to movie stars, top athletes and models. With this program, they supplemented and improved the traditional way of exercising and strengthened the overall psycho-physical status. But, given today’s availability, we think it is advisable to see for yourself the benefits of pilates in rejuvenating the body and relaxing the spirit.