A Few Interesting Facts from the World of Fitness

A Few Interesting Facts from the World of Fitness

Basically, everyone who is present in this area in any way, knows most of the tips, recommendations and facts that fitness experts recommend to us. However, we think that it is not superfluous, from time to time, to remind ourselves of a few interesting facts from the world of fitness, which can be useful to us.

1. Stretching is good  


Improving circulation, flexibility, increasing range of motion, controlling stress, relieving back pain.

2. Benefits of yoga

Better circulation, faster metabolism, improved adrenal glands, lower risk of heart attack, better breathing and oxygen supply. Also, with yoga you’ve got healthier bones.

3. Green tea – has its downside.

Extracts of this tea are very popular as fat burners and in the fight against free radicals. However, some research has shown that the ingredient in green tea – catechin – causes a slight increase in blood pressure. In addition, catechin is associated with markers that cause liver cancer in people who are predisposed to developing this disease.

Green tea

For example, in China, where this tea is traditionally used, there are many more people suffering from this disease –

4. Pomegranate

Research shows that pomegranate juice helps fight prostate cancer. Also, the extract of this juice slows down the growth and promotes the extinction of cancer cells in this disease-

5. Excess iron – Higher blood pressure

In order to compensate for the reduced level of iron in the body, people, in addition to food, also take iron supplements. However, a large amount in the body can also harm us. For example, in men it causes high blood pressure and increases the risk of heart disease.

Blood Pressure

Namely, the human body has a limited capacity to get rid of iron, so it accumulates more easily in the body. In addition, increased iron levels can lead to cell damage and tumor formation.

6. One healthy formula

Regular running + one glass of wine a day = reduced risk of osteoporosis.

7. Vitamin D deficiency 

Also, one of interesting facts. Almost 50% of people have it. So, going out in the sun for only 10 minutes a day is enough to encourage the creation of a sufficient amount of this vitamin in the body.

8. Signs of poor hydration

Thirsty guy

Feeling thirsty more than usual, dry and sticky mouth, fatigue and drop in concentration, headache and glare in the eyes, dark and cloudy urine

9. Cycle smart

This advice includes the following: keep your head (wear a protective helmet), ride in company, especially on long distances, be noticeable (always wear bright and fluorescent clothes, mark the bike with flashing lights), check the bike for correctness (brakes, tire pressure, seat height) and steering wheel), respect traffic rules (drive in the right direction, respect traffic lights)

10. Calorie burning

A person with an average weight of 68 kg needs to run 8 km in 1 hour to consume 600 calories. Running burns about 70 calories per kilometer on average

Running guy

If we ate a slice of pizza and consumed 350 calories, it took us 35 minutes to run.