8 Myths about Women’s Weight Training

8 Myths about Women’s Weight Training

In all areas of social activities, except rules and regulations, there are different experiences, prejudices and even misconceptions. In the field of fitness, women can sometimes be “victims” Different opinions and beliefs. So, let’s look at the myths about women and weight training, and what is, in fact, true.

Woman Weightlifting

1. Women cannot be as strong as men

Incorrectly. Women have the potential to develop muscular fitness, especially in the upper body. However, this is often neglected and unused. By the way, the fact is that the average woman gained weight even faster than the average man.

2. Weight training reduces femininity

There is a whole range of benefits provided by weight training and it is equally available to women as well as men. So, a taut muscular body has nothing to do with the feeling of femininity.

3. Weightlifting in women develops large muscles

Woman Muscles

Testosterone is necessary for the significant development of dense muscle tissue. Realistically, women don’t have enough of it to develop big muscles. In other words, they don’t have that genetic potential.

4. Weight training increases the need for vitamins

In physically active women, the need for vitamins is no greater than those who sit all day. Vitamins do not contribute significantly to body structure, nor are they an important source of energy. So, even if they take increased amounts of vitamins, women do not benefit from it.

5. Another myth about women and weight training – these women are tough

On the contrary, the reality is quite the opposite. This type of training significantly contributes to women’s flexibility.

6. Muscles, after stopping training, turn into fat

If we look physiologically – the transformation of one type of tissue into another is not possible. This means that muscle cannot be converted into adipose tissue. It can atrophy if not used.

7. Women should take protein supplements

This recommendation is also incorrect. Because, the increased amount of these supplements in the female body does not lead to the building of muscle tissue. On the contrary, it stays in the body and turns into fat.

8. Rigorous weight training burns fat

Although this type of training tightens the muscles, it still does not get rid of excess fat