5 Laws of Fitness You Should Know

5 Laws of Fitness You Should Know

Whether you are a veteran or a beginner in training, the rules of exercise are always the same. If you follow these fundamental laws of fitness, you will always be in good shape, and the results of training will not be missed.

1. Strength comes first

Before you start thinking about how to become muscular, first become stronger. The stronger you are, the harder you will be able to exercise. In that way, you strengthen your muscles and protect yourself from injuries.

Fitness strength

To do something for your strength, focus on large lifts that involve the entire upper body. When you build your own strength, you can increase the intensity of what you do, for example – the number of sets or repetitions.

2. Great repetitions are key

You may want to develop only the muscles you are showing. But that is not right. Of course, you will have much better results if you perform larger mixed movements. For example, one of the effective movements is “deadlift”. This exercise involves the whole body, emphasizing the basic muscles of the torso.

3. One of the important fundamental laws – variations

We know that muscles react when they are forced to adapt to stress. Therefore, in order to make progress in exercise, it is necessary to constantly change the routine of your training. Because, if you always do everything the same way – you will stay the same.

4. Balance is important

Balance training

This rule is about taking into account the balance of the whole body during the exercises. This means that you need to train your upper and lower body equally. In other words, for each push movement you need to do a pull movement. This way you prevent muscle imbalance and the risk of injury.

5. Nutrition is the basis of everything

There are a large number of trainers who, in addition to activities in the gym, also emphasize the importance of your behavior in the kitchen. Namely, by correcting your diet, you significantly contribute to accelerating your progress in training. Fast and unhealthy foods will set you back. So, follow the well-known tips – a varied diet rich in protein, vitamins and fiber.