3 Podiatrist-Approved Exercise Tips For Foot and Ankle Care To Prevent Pains

3 Podiatrist-Approved Exercise Tips For Foot and Ankle Care To Prevent Pains

You might be experiencing foot or ankle pains due to pressures on your feet from running or working yourself too hard. However, you don’t have to worry, as there are several podiatrist-approved exercises that you can use to prevent these pains and swelling. 

Let’s find out what these methods are.

The Isometric Toe Point Exercise 

The isometric toe exercise can help reduce pains in your toes from the comfort of your home or work. First, sit on your chair, then stretch out your legs in front of yourself. 

Chair toe exercise

Next, point your toes and ankles upwards and downwards as far as possible. Ensure you hold each position for some seconds. You can repeat this exercise for fifteen reps.

You can contact an expert foot and ankle surgeons at Foot & Ankle Specialty Group if you feel pains while performing these exercises. The surgeon will use physical therapy, regenerative surgery, or medications to treat your ankle and foot pains.

Calves Stretching 

Calves stretching is important, especially when you intend to wear shoes with heels. When you constantly put weight on your feet and keep standing within this posture for an extended time. It will reduce your leg muscles and lead to a variety of foot issues.  

Calves Stretching

You can perform calf stretching before you wear your shoe or after wearing your shoe. An easy way to stretch your calf muscle is by standing in front of a wall. Then you can place your toes on the wall while ensuring your heel is on the ground.  

Then, ensure your heels are close to the wall till you can feel a tug at the back of your lower leg. Hold for about ten seconds before switching to your other side. 

You can repeat the process while adding more time for every round till you feel your legs are loose. Calf stretching can also be combined with point-and-flex exercises to get rigorous stretching sessions.

Short Foot exercise

The short foot exercise shortens the foot through contraction of the foot muscles for arch raising. You can do this when you pull your big toe towards your heel. 

Toe exercise

Moreover, you can do this by sitting barefoot on a chair with your feet placed on the ground. Don’t crunch your toes; instead, shorten your foot by bringing your foot towards your heel. 

Perform each foot individually, then ensure your toes are kept on the floor without them being extended or curled. Remain in this position for about ten seconds then you can relax. 

You can repeat this procedure a maximum of twelve times. After performing the exercise while sitting, you can increase the intensity by standing.

That’s A Wrap 

Exercising and stretching your ankle, foot, and toes should be a part of your exercise regimen. Most of these exercises above are simple and do not require aids or tools, and you can perform them within minutes every day. 

You must exercise your ankle and foot regularly to be pain-free and live a happy life.