10 Most Common Fitness Mistakes Women Make In The Gym

10 Most Common Fitness Mistakes Women Make In The Gym

Women very often suddenly make the decision to exercise and move on with unrealistic expectations. They believe that the changes and the results of their training will be seen very soon. In this text, we will list the 10 fitness mistakes that most often occur in these situations.

1. Fear of weights

Many women believe that the gym is more for men and that, by exercising with weights, they will become one obfuscated and lose femininity. That is not true at all. Look only at fitness models.

10 Most Common Fitness Mistakes Women Make In The Gym - fear of the weights.

One of them exercises extremely hard, with relatively heavy weights. It is not easy to build muscles nor for men. Therefore, with the right choice and combination of exercises, there is no danger that it will over-develop muscles and lose the female line.

2. Unrealistic expectations

You can’t expect to be inactive for years, branching badly and accumulating fat deposits. That cannot be changed overnight. You have to understand that it is a long process which lasts for months, sometimes years. Have patience and be realistic.

3. Stretching is most important

Women are often obsessed with stretching and believe it is a way to lengthen muscles and get spindle-shaped appearance. They often do stretching and after 2 minutes, after that they do two exercises with weights. First mistake. You must not stretch if you are not warmed up. Even 5 minutes of walking is enough to your blood circulates.

Make sure your muscles are warmed up before expiration. Some research shows that stretching before working with a load can even be harmful.

4. Cardio and only cardio

Cardio exercise should be an important factor in your workout. But that’s only half your journey to the goal. If you do not reduce your muscles with weights, you will lose weight, but also your muscles continue to remain “slack”. Since muscles help metabolism, the more muscles you have, the more you will calories burned. You should train with a load at least 2 to 3 times a week.

5. I don’t like to sweat

In order to avoid sweating, women opt for the least weights. You should know that even 1000 repetitions with small weights do not give special results. Exercises with the appropriate weights will certainly give the appropriate results. You will achieve much more that way than yes countless times you can take on the weight of men, talking to someone at the same time. Besides – what if you sweat? Sweating is healthy, because it removes toxins from the body.

10 Most Common Fitness Mistakes Women Make In The Gym - woman sweating at the gym.

And if you are going to take off your make-up – why make-up at the gym?

6. Neglect of proper nutrition – one of fitness mistakes

One more of fitness mistakes. Even if you train the most seriously, you are not disciplined when it comes to nutrition, your results will be questioned. Therefore, in addition to discipline in burdens, you must adhere to certain regimes nutrition.

7. Insufficient fluid intake, consumption of wrong drinks

The importance of fluid intake is a well-known fact. This primarily refers to water, which removes toxins from your body, starts metabolism, maintains your joints healthy, etc. What is also wrong is consuming juices and drinks that contain sugar. If you eat properly, your body has enough glycogen that you need to withstand training.

10 Most Common Fitness Mistakes Women Make In The Gym - woman drinking water at the gym.

The sugar you ingest has the effect of raising insulin levels. This will only prevent fat burning.

8. Wrong “removal” of the stomach

Some women, to the point of exhaustion, work exclusively on their abs in order to remove the fat deposits that they cover their stomachs. However, to succeed in that endeavor, that is not enough. Except adherence of a certain diet, it is necessary to do cardio exercises, as well as appropriate exercises that are available in the gym.

9. Work and focus – a condition to avoid fitness mistakes

Without a lot of effort and sweating, it is impossible to achieve the desired result. Training in the gym is strenuous activity. There is no way to have fun and talk in the gym and do it effortlessly good result. Train hard and be rigorous when it comes to nutrition. To get to what you want goals, there are no shortcuts, magic pills and magic creams.

10. Unbalanced training

If you concentrate on training only one specific part of the body, you are participating in an unbalanced training. To achieve the desired goal, make sure you train EVERY PART OF THE BODY.


To achieve the desired results, you need to correct all fitness mistakes that are private and to approach training and diet in a very serious way.