10 Easy Mini Workouts for People on the Go

10 Easy Mini Workouts for People on the Go

If you are looking for the easiest mini workouts for people on the go, I would recommend these simple exercises you can do in spite of your busy schedules.

Mini workouts are simple and easy workouts that are completed in small time increments, usually less than 10 minutes. They are the same as regular workouts but are ideal for the busiest people looking for ways to get fit. 


They are simple exercises you can actually do anywhere, whether you are at home or at your favorite gym. Most mini workouts do not require gym equipment, and since they are generally easy to execute, they are also simple to master. 

Mini Workout Advantages for Busy People

Exercise in general is beneficial to your overall mental and physical health. If you are a busy person, you tend to limit the time you spend exercising. In this case, the efficiency of your workout is what matters most. 

  • It gets you started.

If you’re having trouble getting started in a regular fitness routine, mini workouts will be a great way to get the fire burning.

  • It enhances your overall health.

Mini workouts are still workouts no matter how short the time you spend on them. It helps you improve your mental and physical health. Improve your brain’s health and mood.

  • It fits your schedule well.

Mini workouts perfectly fit your busy schedule since it is easy to find less than a 10-minute workout, not to mention the fact that they are easier and simpler to use as well. 

  • It boosts your mood.
Boosting mood

Just like regular workouts, it can boost your mood and make you feel less stressed because of your busy work or school schedule. Mini workouts can make you feel better after finishing a session. 

  • It keeps you motivated.

Short bouts of exercise can keep you motivated to do short bouts of exercise on a regular basis since it fits well with your schedule. 

  • It alleviates training stress.

Mini-workouts can help people overcome their fear of exercise. Short workouts will not stress you out because they are simpler and easier to complete.

Must-Try Mini Workouts


It is an excellent way to get the necessary physical activity for health benefits and is also the simplest and easiest. Walking can do wonders for your body and overall health. This might be the best workout you can do despite your busy schedule. And the best thing about it? It does not necessitate any special skills or expensive equipment.


Yoga is an excellent mini workout you can do at home. It can be performed anytime and anywhere, including at home. You can actually do yoga poses for a minute or two in between your regular activities.



Planking is a great mini workout you can do in a short period of time. This exercise works both your arm and core muscles. You might be able to perform this workout in less time, but you will be able to get great results in no time.   


Another simple exercise you can do that can raise your heart rate is jogging or running in place. Jogging allows you to maintain your pace for longer periods of time. It is simple to perform and uses less energy as well.


Dancing for at least 10 minutes with your favorite music on can do lots of good things for you. 

It’s a fun and effective full-body workout. Dance is a type of aerobic exercise that benefits you both physically and mentally. It is ideal for all ages and can help improve your strength and balance.


Biking is an excellent addition to your cardio routine that will also strengthen your heart. You can try outdoor or indoor cycling, depending on your resources. A stationary bike provides stability, preventing you from falling.

Stair Walking

Walking stairs is more strenuous than other types of walking and has a greater impact on your joints. And the great thing about it is that it can be done indoors, at home or at your office.


Kettlebell workout

Swinging a kettlebell can provide you with a full-body workout. Many of the exercises you can do with dumbbells or resistance bands can also be done with a kettlebell. Kettlebell training can also be enjoyable and even beginners can do it.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can provide a complete workout without the need for any additional equipment. You can perform a variety of workouts using resistance bands. It can benefit every single part of your body, even if you spend little time using it. You can carry it anywhere, and even busy people like you can do this workout. 


Stretching can help you get some movement in while also relieving stress. Mobility and circulation are both essential for muscle recovery following more intense physical activities such as HIIT or strength-building workouts.

Simple Workout Tips

Although exercise is not an easy task, you will gradually come to enjoy it, especially if you notice significant changes in your body and progress toward your fitness goals. When you set goals for yourself, you must be disciplined and determined enough to achieve them by any means necessary.

  1. Setting a specific goal will make your fitness journey much easier. You must have a clear and concise plan in order to achieve any fitness goals you have set for yourself. 
  1. It is best to complete your workout in the morning, especially if you have a regular work schedule, because you will be too tired to do it after work.
  1. Maintain a consistent fitness routine. Make time every day to do simple workouts.  
  1. You can do simple exercises like I have mentioned above whenever and wherever you are. You will just need some creative imagination.
  1. Exercise is useless if it is not supported by proper nutrition. A nutritious and well-balanced diet will help you reach your fitness goals more quickly. 
Fitness nutrition
  1. Choose a workout that you believe you will enjoy so that you can stay motivated until the end. 
  1. Doing something against your will just for the sake of achieving your goal in the fastest way possible is not enough. Choosing an exercise that you enjoy will benefit you and get you far.
  1. If you work all day, doing several 10-minute workouts throughout the day can help you stay alert and productive, especially during those sleepy hours.

Key Takeaway

Even if we are all busy doing what we need to do, it is still important not to neglect our health by all means. There are many excellent mini workouts you can choose from. Most of them can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Mini workouts, in general, are much easier to fit into your schedule than going to the gym on occasion. In fact, the majority of the mini workouts I mentioned above are intended for people on the go and can be done at home, the office, or even school.

As people’s schedules become more hectic, these mini workouts will be an excellent way to begin getting in shape. Over time, you will develop a regular exercise habit. Here’s a good tip: make sure the workout you choose is something you’ll enjoy, so you don’t get bored along the way.

Author Bio:

Rachel Miller is a certified Sport and Fitness Enthusiast who loves to write and blog about her Fitness passion for Nordic Lifting. Her goal is to spread awareness and instill in the lives of people everywhere the value of staying fit, good nutrition, and proper exercise.