Some Interesting Facts from the Diet

Some Interesting Facts from the Diet

There is a lot of research in the field of healthy eating and nutrition in general. We know many of them ourselves, we have adopted a lot of new knowledge and we apply it in practice. However, in everyday life, we always encounter new, unknown to us, knowledge. So, let’s look at some interesting facts that exist in the diet, and which, perhaps, we did not know until now.

Just vinegar

If this is a salad dressing and you follow the “vinegar only” rule, find out the following:


Scientists in Great Britain have discovered that unsaturated fats, which are found in extra-virgin olive oil, when they come in contact with vegetables, create nitro-fatty acids. These acids protect blood vessels, help regulate blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. So, a little olive oil on your salad will really have a positive effect on your body. It will also contribute to the better taste of the salad.

Eating and the psychological moment

Maybe, while you are training hard, you want to eat well after training. If this is the case, know that it is a psychological moment. Namely, if you see training as an obligation, you will have a greater need for food. Nutrition scientists have proven the following: When we experience any activity, even exercise, as something we have to do, we will consume more food. Therefore – create positive thoughts in your head before you start training.

HIIT works wonders

HIIT workout

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) really has a very positive effect on your training goal. This type of exercise activates a protein that directs adrenaline directly into the activated muscles. In this way, he directly encourages their growth.

Folic acid

If you are pregnant and taking folic acid as a supplement, pay attention. Namely, research has shown that the effect of folic acid has a significantly reduced effect if you are excessively exposed to the sun.

Plastic wrapping

Before you buy a drink in a plastic bottle, be sure to read the declaration on the packaging. Because if it bears the BPA label, it means that the bottle contains the chemical bisphenol. This substance is associated, among others, with a rapid increase in the number of women suffering from breast cancer.

Instead of a conclusion

You may already be familiar with all these facts that exist in the diet. But it is never superfluous to remember them again. Probably can only benefit us.