10 Simple Tips to Help You to Get Rid of Body Fat Forever

10 Simple Tips to Help You to Get Rid of Body Fat Forever

Most of us are well acquainted with beer evenings and a variety of savory snacks. From time to time, we all allow ourselves that. However, if this habit turns into a lifestyle, there will be a problem with excess body fat. Of course, we will immediately think about solving the phenomenon by intensifying physical activity and going to the gym. But that is only part of the solution. Another, very important part is in our kitchen. So, let’s look at some tips on how to get rid of body fat and deposits forever.

1. Change your lifestyle

When you start a weight loss program, you must be prepared for a radical change in your life. Namely, if you want to permanently remove excess body fat, do not forget that these are the changes you need to live with forever. This measure is not limited in time, but it means changing your eating habits and harmonizing them with the training program.

2. Drink more water

Drinking water

Water is responsible for most physical activities, including the transport and burning of fat. In addition, this calorie-free liquid will make you full, which means you will eat less. It is recommended that we should consume 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. This makes 3 liters of water for a person weighing 100 kg. So, a 0.5 liter bottle of water should always be with you. Fill it 5 times a day and you will feel great.

3. Eat less calories than you burn

To calculate how many calories you burn per day, you need to calculate your metabolic rate at rest. (RMR) This is the number of calories you burn per day, doing only routine things, without exercise. The formula for the calculation is. RMR = body weight in kg x 28. This way you will get how many calories you burned per day, without training. Then calculate how many calories you burn in training. For example – 30 minutes of aerobic activity burns 350 calories. Add the number you got to your RMR and make sure your daily caloric intake is below the value you get.

4. Reduce the amount of starchy carbohydrates and get rid of body fat

Avoid carbohydrates

Consuming too much starch (potatoes, rice, bread, pasta) gives your body more energy than it needs. As a result, glycogen reserves increase. Unfortunately, everything that is superfluous is stored in our body like fat. Of course, starch should not be completely excluded from the diet, but it should be reduced to a minimum. Divide your daily starch intake into 3 to 5 servings. Portions should be on average the size of a handful.

5. Eat a balanced breakfast

Your body was hungry overnight. In order to start and prepare for the upcoming day, he needs nutrients. That is why you need a complete meal for breakfast. For example, take 30 to 40 grams of protein, carbohydrates (oatmeal) and some fruit. This way, your day started adequately.

6. Limit your sugar intake

Less sugar

Carbohydrate intake immediately after training will refresh your muscles and glycogen reserves. But, increased sugar intake at any other time, will lead to its conversion into fat. Instead of industrial sugar, fill the need for sweets with some fruit. Also, replace carbonated fruit juices with water or tea.

7. Drink coffee before training

Caffeine helps the body increase the use of fat during training. But you should know – the effect of caffeine will be reduced if you eat foods rich in carbohydrates. For that reason, avoid various caffeinated beverages (cappuccino). Also, do not drink coffee at other times than before training. Only in this way will caffeine fulfill its role of fat burner.

8. Increase your vegetable intake


Vegetables give our body the maximum nutritional value, with a minimum of calories. So, with fewer calories, you will have a feeling of satiety. Eat it all day, in any form.

9. Eat more “healthy” fats

In order to lose weight, we often neglect “healthy” fats. They are necessary for the body to function normally, provided that we keep their level under control. Fats decompose in the body for a long time and give a feeling of satiety for a longer period of time. Foods rich in healthy fats include olives, fish oil, avocados, nuts, grains.

10. Throw out fast food

Avoid Fast Food

Of course, this is well-known advice for everyone who wants to eat healthy and lose weight. This food offers us only calories, without any nutrients. Therefore, french fries, chips, snacks and sweets are out of the question. Pizza and hamburger have some nutrients in them, so we can consume them from time to time.